Amazon's Best Top Selling Women's Running Shoes

Posted: Jul 15 2018

ASICS' women's running shoes has a cult like following. Fans of the shoe swear by it over bigger brands such as Nike and Adidas. The long line of highly rated top selling running shoes includes the ASICS Women's Gel-contend 3, ASICS Women's Gel-scram 2, and ASICS Women's Gel Frequency 2. But the shoe we are featuring is the best of the best from that line, the ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 5.

What makes the ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 5 stand out above the rest?

  1. Comfort - Just read a few review all over the internet and the supreme comfort of the Gel-Venture 5 becomes apparent. People with knee problems swear by the abundance of cushion and how it minimizes their pain. Runner rave about the fact that the shoe has lots of toe space.  And people with planters factitious always point out the great arch support. So even if you are fortunate enough to not have any of these problems, it's always wise to stop the problems before they start.
  2. Plenty of Beautiful, Colorful Selection.
  3. Ease of use - Easy to put on and take off. The loop in the back means no shoe horns necessary.
  4. Great soles - great traction. doesn't catch dirt. So less rocks stuck in the cracks. Less mud drying up that becomes hard to get rid of.
  5. Great Amazon reviews - you know you have something great when it has a ton of reviews (5000+) with high marks (4.3 stars) with a fakespot rating of A (that means the reviews are real high quality reviews). Specifically for this shoe, 90% were high quality reviews with minimal deception.