Amazon's top kid's shoes because...

Posted: Jul 20 2018

Amazon's top kid's shoes's a Boy!!! So naturally, we'll need to figure out what's Amazon's top kids shoes. And since we're in the middle of summer, it's no surprise it's...WATER SHOES!!! 

The adult version of this shoe is not only ranked #1 on Amazon currently, it's also #2 and #3. But that's probably only because there are more adults than kids. Besides, the adult version has nothing on these shoes in terms of cuteness. Just look at them! How do you pick?

Do we want a serious blue octopus on our cute little feet? 

Or maybe the cute little yellow version.


or Crab? nah...don't like the orange. 

Let's go with the dinosaurs!!!! ROAR! (Oh wait... that's for lions). What do dinosaurs sound like?

And just because we had a boy, we should be fair and show off a few ones for the girls. How about this pink shoe with a cute star fish?

Or the magic sauce for everything this summer...UNICORNS!!!

Now that we're done picking out which one based on cuteness, we'll like the seller go through the mumbo jumbo about what these shoes are so great (Cuz kid's don't really care as long as they are cute). 

Giotto swim shoes are built for little kids to enjoy their play. Quick drying, anti-sliping, and comfortable, the secure closures and lightweight material allow kids to optimum fit but to move freely and be active. No matter in or by the water, these water shoes are some of the most enjoyable skin shoes from beach, pool to playground. Let's start your collection today!


No sogginess. Giotto's water shoes offer your kids with fast drying-protection.


Soft rubber outsole is thick enough to protect the little feet from injury.


From Pool deck to playground, the tread sole grips my surface.

Enjoy Active Play with Your Giotto Shoes.

Beach, Park, Playground.

Sliping on the water shoes, just like barefoot walking in the land that is light and free.


Water Sports.

Embracing your summer, sun and water with your comfortable and durable aqua socks.

Indoor Activities.

Wearing water shoes at home protects the little feet from injuries and punctures.