Greek Goddess Plaka Summer Sandals

Posted: Jul 14 2018

Currently the #17 shoes on Amazon but #1 in the Sandals and Flats category.

We're featuring these sandals because they really stand out. Remember when gladiator heels first exploded to the scene with the movie "Sex in the City"? Well this is like the sandal cousin. It has that cool ancient Greco-Roman look but with plenty of comfort to spare. Pair it with your favorite ankle bracelets for even more unique looks.

We got one for ourselves to test and they are just as advertised.

Plaka Sandals is a brand born on a vacation to the Greek Isles. These women’s sandals should be your go-to product this summer. They makes several unique sandal styles that are handcrafted with stretch-to-fit, a rubber sole that thickens beneath the heel, and braided rope uppers.

They are made of high-quality material which is water resistant and hand made for uniqueness and unmatched beauty. They have rubber soles that are durable and allow you to wear sandals for long hours. They come in 13 colors, so you can get one that best suits you.